Serotonin Thieves


Finding their sound with organic percussion, warm analogue sub bass & other sonic surprises, stirred into a hypnotic, sometimes ethereal tech house vibe, whilst using ingredients from techno and electronica. With their releases now charting highly on download stores such as Beatport, Serotonin Thieves sound found it’s way onto the airwaves of stations such as Radio 1, with radio play coming in from a cross section of DJ’s, from Stephan Bodzin to Claude Von Stroke.

the duo explain their sound best, “Our music aims to exit the stresses of life. It’s a call to the masses to leave their existence behind. It’s about the classic drama of tension & release. It’s time to forget everything you have held as reality. The beat will obscure it. Our sound is that of a celebration. Movement. We imagine the World moving to one beat. This is where we exist. Our music aspires to capture moments like these.”